Lichtlab NO.19XL Industrielamp – White edition- by Olaf Weller


Sometimes bigger is better! The beautiful design of our No.19 industrial lamp turned out to be too small for some. We therefore would like to introduce you to the No.19XL WHITE EDITION.

We are proud to introduce the No.19 XL WHITE EDITION. Because black / white is such a beautiful combination.

Just like the original No.19 XL, this industrial lamp gets its characteristic blackened edges from a laser beam. This laser cuts the 15 parts of the lamp from just one sheet of MDF (with a white top layer) of 122 x 67 cm. Besides using the laser, the No.19XL is made by hand.

The No.19XL WHITE EDITION is then assembled without glue or fasteners. So that we use as few resources as possible.

The No.19XL WHITE EDITION is beautiful with an incandescent lamp or a carbon filament lamp.

Designer Olaf weller is the designer of the No.19 industrial lamp. This young talent has a wonderful mission: to make special products that enrich human lives and impoverish the earth as little as possible.


Ontwerp: Olaf Weller
Material: FSC gekeurd MDF (9mm) white top layer
Fitting: E27 max 60W
Diameter: 60cm
Height: 72cm
Cable length: 150cm (if desired also available with 200 cm or 300 cm iron cord)


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