About us

Creative Use of Technology is a creative company, ran by three entrepreneurs. From their backgrounds in urban planning and architecture they came into contact with 3D printing and laser cutting. They were enthusiastic about the countless possibilities and applications of these technologies and decided to join forces and sset out a new way to realize their creative ambitions.

In May 2012 this resulted in the establishment of Creative Use of Technology: a creative business with their own designs and products, but also an enabling platform for creative people who want to make use of these modern technologies. We are continuously exploring new applications and opportunities for our own products and services.

Since the summer of 2014, we are located in “Brandpunt”. This is an energetic, creative hub in the center of Breda and is a actually a crossover of: SHOP, COFFEE, LASERLABand EXPOSITION: a vibrant mix of people coming for an exhibition, products in our store or just for a cup of coffee in the espresso bar.

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