World map of moss

A moss world map on the wall is a real eye-catcher in any living room or work environment. The green tranquility of the moss will also have a positive effect on the space. In addition, moss provides acoustic damping. Perfect for hollow-sounding rooms.

✓ No daylight or water needed
✓ Made in our workshop
✓ Free shipping
✓ Please note: in 1-2 weeks at home


World map of moss

Bring inspiration, warmth and peace to your surroundings with our world map made from natural moss. The world map is made of preserved moss, this makes the moss completely maintenance-free and ideal for the wall. It keeps the moss good for years, provided it is not overexposed to direct sunlight or touching.


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Weight0.66 g
Dimensions185 × 5 × 90 cm

Mercator projection




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