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Our wooden letters offer a stylish solution for both living room decoration and business decoration. Whether you want an impactful text for the wall in your office, a loving message in the bedroom or your child’s name in wooden letters for the nursery, our wooden letters offer endless possibilities. Enrich your interior with our wooden letters, the perfect way to add a personal and artistic touch to your space. Our custom wooden letters transform any wall into a work of art, and our decorative letters are a unique addition to any interior.

Personalize with wooden decorative letters

Add a personal touch to any room with our wooden letters, the ideal choice for both decorative letters, wooden name letters or as wooden letters for the wall with an inspirational text. Use our design tool to easily customize wooden letters in your favorite style. With a variety of fonts, from elegantly handwritten to modern sleek, you can customize your wooden letters entirely to your liking. These wooden letters are perfect for wooden wall decoration with text, enriching any nursery, living room or a bedroom, with a unique and personal element. The decorative letters are also an excellent gift for various occasions, such as a maternity gift.

How do you make your personal wooden letters?

Watch the video how to create your own design by adding your own text, logo and/or image. Make your own creation!

Frequently asked questions about decoration letters

For customers interested in larger quantities of wooden letters for decorative or professional purposes, such as multiple inspirational texts for an office space or a combination of their own fonts with logos, we offer attractive discounts. Whether it is custom-made wall letters for business premises or multiple wooden letters with logos for different branches, we offer flexible solutions adapted to your needs. For custom requests and information on larger orders of letters made of wood, contact us via our
contact form

If you need help choosing the right size for your wooden letters, we are ready to assist you with a visual representation of how the decorative letters will fit into your space. Please contact us through our contact form (contact form link) and provide us with the following information: the dimensions of your wall, the desired text, the font and width of the wall letters, the type of wood chosen, a photo of the wall taken from a direct angle (not oblique), and the dimensions of an object in the photo, such as a cushion on the couch. These details help us accurately estimate the size of the wooden letters and create a perfect visualization for your wall decoration wood with text create.

When buying wooden letters, you can choose from a variety of materials, including oak, walnut, bamboo, black MDF, and plain MDF that you can paint yourself in the desired color. The size of the frame within which you want to place your wooden letters determines the price. For small decorative letters, you can choose a size of 20 x 30 cm. If you need larger letters or want a complete poem in wooden letters, for example, the 90 x 120 cm size is a good option. Choose the size of the decorative letters that best suits your space.

Personalizing decorative letters for the wall offers many creative possibilities. You can choose from a variety of materials and fonts, and it is also possible to add simple figures, such as a heart. This option is particularly nice for brightening up a child’s room, for example by using wooden letters with the child’s name. This is how you create a playful and personal atmosphere as a nursery decoration. Ideal as a maternity gift !

Wooden letters make an excellent gift because they are both personal and versatile. They are ideal as a unique maternity gift, displaying the wooden letters with the newborn’s name in decorative letters. For weddings or anniversaries, they can portray a loving message or the couple’s names. The decorative letters are also perfect as a housewarming gift, allowing friends or family to personalize their new home. These custom decorative letters add a personal touch to any occasion.

When we deliver our wall letters, we provide each wooden letter with high-quality double-sided tape on the back. This makes mounting the decoration letters on the wall easy and efficient. In addition, each set of wall letters comes with a handy fitting template, which helps you position the letters on the wall flawlessly and accurately. With these tools, attaching your wooden letters to the wall becomes a simple and hassle-free experience.

Our wooden letters are manufactured with a strong focus on sustainability. We use wood from responsible sources and employ environmentally friendly production methods. By choosing our wall letters, you are contributing to stylish decor while supporting environmentally conscious choices.

The production time for our wooden letters is 1 to 3 business days. Within the Netherlands you can expect shipping to arrive usually within 1 business day, while for Belgium the shipping time of the decoration letters is between 1 and 3 business days. For other countries, delivery time varies depending on the specific country. This way, we ensure that your personalized wooden letters arrive to you quickly and efficiently.

Free wood samples

You can picture it all, one beautiful wooden text on your wall But now you are faced with a difficult choice: Which type of wood looks best?

Wood samples

What kind of wooden letters will you design?

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